The creation process

The creation process

Pencil sketching

Every artwork starts its life as a pencil drawing (using a trusty, B Staedtler pencil). Some drawings are worked on for a number of weeks before they progress to the painting stage.


Once the pencil sketch is complete, it is scanned into photoshop. Paintings are then finished using a wacom pen and tablet. Most artworks are worked on for a number of months.

All artworks are completely original and follow a process similar to painting with a watercolour paintbrush. Painting digitally ensures the artworks reproduce well on different products and surfaces.


I partner with two production houses to create our products, one in Montreal and one in New York. Both companies are able to produce premium quality, small batch runs of our magnets, cushions, prints and stickers.

As I don’t mass produce (most of our stock orders are 6 - 10 items at most), you’ll be receiving a custom made, limited run product. We carefully select the products that we believe will showcase the watercolour artwork the best.